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This is a select list of material transferred to other organisations or returned to the original donor. The catalogue is regularly updated.


DON Returned to donor | NSL State Library of NSW | NPH Powerhouse Museum | NSBW Seaborn Broughton and Walford Foundation | QPAC Queensland Performing Arts Centre Performing Arts Museum | VPAM Victorian Arts Centre Performing Arts Museum


McCormack, Mr T Letter to Paul Bentley 2 June 1980 re stage designer William John Wilson collection. Includes biographical notes and list of items. NSBW

McGrath, Amy

Papers mainly re the Mews Theatre, Australian Theatre and International Music Theatre Forum [D404]


McIntosh, Dorothy Dame Nellie Melba collection including letter, clipping, program and photograph. [D1063] VPAM
Mackey, Mrs S Interview with Ken G. Hall. Cassette tape and transcript. [D421] NSBW
Maddern, Wayne Australia Live Theatre Council notes 25.8.1984 NSBW

Martin Sisters

Florence and Kathleen Martin scrapbooks c 1935-1971. Includes information on Dolia Ribush and De Basic Company [D767]


Melville, Josie

Josie Melville collection, including Pollock toy theatre and Royal Opera fan c1800


Metropolitan Opera Society

Dot Ball collection re Metropolitan Opera Society 1951-1960. [D32, D1374]


Moncrieff, Gladys Signed photograph of Gladys Moncrieff, donated by J. Williams.[D205] VPAM
Morley, Robert Photograph of Robert Morley with Sir Rupert and Lady Clark on board P&O Iberia, 1958. Donated by Nola Dekyvere [D713] NSBW
Morris, Miss A Collection re Gilbert and Sullivan Society, Sydney including photographs and clippings [D507] NSBW
Morrison, Mrs W Performing arts collection, including photographs of Gaston Mervale, Nellie Stewart, Julius Knight, Carrie Moore and Sir Henry Irving [D410, D845, D1082, D1187] VPAM
Murphy, Jacqueline Photograph of Oscar Asche as Othello and postcard of Gaston Mervale. [D566, D536] VPAM
Musica Viva Australia Collection re Music Viva Australia, including photographs and program. Donated by Leonard Spira [D1705] NSBW
National Library of Australia Collection of Australian theatre photographs purchased from the National Library of Australia. NSL
Neil, Terry Scrapbook with clippings re Dame Nellie Melba. [D357] VPAM

New Theatre, Sydney

Collection [D1041, D1254]


New Theatre, Sydney Collection donated by Miss L Cruickshank. Includes List of productions 1933-1981; Notes on the history of New Theatre; New Theatre Spotlight (Sep 1980) and press clippings. NSBW
New Theatre, Sydney Playscripts: Welcome Home, Rocket Range, and Sons of the South [D1127] VPAM

Nimrod Theatre

Records, including promptbook, scrapbooks and archival videorecordings. [D132. D607, D618, D744, D801, D879, D908, D1034, D1085, D1331, D1483]


Old Vic

Maurice Bourke papers, including scrapbook of Old Vic tour of Australia, 1948 and Sutherland Williamson Opera Company programs and photographs. [D1195]


Orrey Kelly Photograph of Orrey Kelly, donated by M. Wilson  VPAM
Paderewski, Ignacy Photograph of Paderewski on the occasion of the first Australian concert, Sydney Town Hall, 12 March 1927. NSL
Paine, Margaret Scrapbooks re Stanley McKay's Pantomime Company, 1915-1918; printed material including handbill for Harry Clay's Vaudeville Company and Sir Benjamin Fuller Political Manifesto [D1533] VPAM

Paris Theatre Company

Records, including scrapbook, scripts, photographs, videorecordings and costumes [D397, D556]


Parsons, Joan Fitzgerald Family and Williamson, Garner and Musgrove companies. Programs and clippings including obituaries. [[D1124] VPAM
Pask, Edward H Borovansky Ballet. Photocopies of brochures for performance 21 June 1941 in aid of the Red Cross [D579] NSBW
Pauling, Robert The Dacres: In Death They Were Not Divided. Article by Robert Pauling [D1693]  NSBW
Pavlova, Anna Framed photograph of Anna Pavlova and L Novikoff taken by SP Andrews during New Zealand tour, 1928. Donated by Mrs S. Romonoff [D14]  NSBW
Penerio, Arthur L The gay Lord Quex: an original comedy in 4 acts. Script  NSBW
Pinney, Peter Cast lists and schedules for Rigo Grand opera Company 1919 and Fuller's Royal Grand Opera 1934/35 [D1118]  VPAM

Pippi Storm Theatre Company

Records [D1335]


Pocock, B M Collection re Galina von Meck. Includes correspondence and 2 books by or translated by Galina von Meck - As I Remember Them and Tchaikovsky's Letters [D1617]  NSBW

Professional Drama Council

Records. Donated by Robert Quentin [D240]


Q Theatre Scrapbook re Q Theatre, 1969-1972, donated by D Warburton [D1009]  NSL
Quayle, Miss Lyn Lyn Quayle letter and biographical notes re Gloria Dawn, with notes on Dennis Wolanski Library holdings about Gloria Dawn, compiled by Vera Hill. [D1172] NSBW



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