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This is a select list of material transferred to other organisations or returned to the original donor. The catalogue is regularly updated.


DON Returned to donor | NSL State Library of NSW | NPH Powerhouse Museum | NSBW Seaborn Broughton and Walford Foundation | QPAC Queensland Performing Arts Centre Performing Arts Museum | VPAM Victorian Arts Centre Performing Arts Museum |

Andrews, John

Melbourne theatre 1929-1945: recession and response [AA38]


Avramides, L V

Theatre foyers [D581; AA31]


Bannister, Barry

The themes of heroism and violence in selected writings of Douglas Stewart [University of New England) [D1004; AA36] VPAM

Baird, Katrina J

The history of vaudeville in Australia from 1900 to 1930 [D915; AA33] NSL
Bateman, Mary Lincoln Cass Films Proprietary Ltd: a study of a small Australian film company [U32] NSBW

Bebbington, Warren Arthur

The operas of GWL Marshall-Hall [AA19] NSBW

Bladwell, Francis

A study of the plays of Peter Kenna (University of Sydney) VPAM

Bonnin, Roberta

Jack Hibberd and his creation of an Australian drama [AA20]  VPAM
Brebach, Benita Sydney's little theatres with particular reference to the Independent Theatre 1930-1939.  
Bricknell, R.J. An examination of the development of the deaf in Australia with special emphasis on the Queensland Theatre of the Deaf (University of Queensland Department of English research essay) [D1013]  NSBW
Charlton, Andrea Australian performance and practice in the presentation of Shakespeare's Hamlet 1850-1980.   
Cracknell, Wendy The creation, premiere, subsequent productions and early performances in Australia of three Michele Folkine Ballets: Les Sylphides, Scheherezade and Petrouchka. [UR33] VPAM
Crocker, Lenore The image of Misrule: a Jungian view of the bushranger in some Australian 19th Century melodramas. [AA43] VPAM
Dawson, Allen The explorer in the poetry and drama of Douglas Stewart (University of Sydney) [AA29] VPAM
Diller-Anderson, Gae The first 25 years of vaudeville at Sydney Tivoli, 1893-1917: sexual difference and the Australian female vaudevillian. NSL
Donnan, P. A. The development of three Australian playwrights: Buzo, Hibberd and Williamson (University of New England) [AA26] VPAM
Field, Amanda The other theatre: two amateur theatres in New South Wales.[D568; AA28] NSBW
Fitzsimmons, Brian Arthur The place of David Williamson in the history of Australian drama VPAM
Hansen, Paul J Jack Hibberd and David Williamson: a study of their published plays (University of New England) [D1004; AA21] VPAM
Herlinger, Paul D Concepts of the Australian aborigine as expressed in two centuries [D759;AA37] VPAM
Hite, Betty Feasibility of the Hospital Audience Scheme in Australia NSBW
Kirby-Smith, Virginia The development of Australian theatre and drama, 1788-1984 [AA41] VPAM
Knowles, Frank Theatre in education in NSW [UR43] NSBW
Levia, William Ralph An experiment with identity: Australian drama from 1969-1974 VPAM
McDermott, Celestine Australian music hall. [AA32] NSL
McNamara, Thomas An emerging portrait of the Catholic Church in recent Australian fiction and drama. VPAM
Muglia-Smith, Gisele French drama in Australia: a catalogue of French plays performed in Australia, 1888-1990 [AA54] VPAM
Pentland, Alan Theatre and theatre buildings in Melbourne (Melbourne University) [AA35] NSBW
Rasmassen, Deborah Two Australian historical plays: Macquarie by Alexander Buzo; The Legend of King O'Malley by Michael Boddy and Robert Ellis (University of Sydney) [AA17] VPAM
Richards, Susan The one man play in Australian Drama [D897; AA34] NSBW
Robson, John A study of the plays of David Williamson (University of Newcastle) VPAM
St Leon, Mark An Australian circus: the origins of Ashton's Circus and a brief account of its travels in Australia until 1918.  VPAM
St Leon, Mark Australian circus reminiscences, compiled by Mark St Leon [AA45] NSL
St Leon. Mark Australian circus sources, collected and edited by Mark St Leon [AA46] NSL
St Leon, Mark The circus in Australia, compiled by Mark St Leon [AA6] NSL
St Leon, Mark Spangles and sawdust: the circus in Australia. NSL
Thomson, Joyce Aubrey Kenneth Rowell: stage designer and painter (University of Melbourne). 2v [AA30] VPAM
Tilley, Christine M Australian radio verse drama: sound for the imagination [English 1V H Research thesis, University of Queensland) [AA39] NSBW
Turner. Graeme Dorothy Hewitt, Australian dramatist (Monash University) [AA25] VPAM
Whitelaw, Susan La Mama: a critical and historical survey [D501; AA40]   VPAM
Williams, Graham Getting it right: the dramatic development of David Williamson (Macquarie University)  [AA16] VPAM



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