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6.4 Needs and opportunities

Outside the library domain

Management of records in performing arts organisations

There is a need to identify and assess the quality of record keeping practices in performing arts organisations, establish the long-term intentions for this material taking into account the increased use of electronic records, and establish services and products which address deficiencies.


Performing arts information produced by the media

There is a need to identify the quality and accessibility of performing arts information produced by the media and assess the implications for library cataloguing and documentation activities.


Performing arts information produced by knowledge workers outside the library domain

There is a need to identify and evaluate the accessibility of explicit and tacit information outside the library domain and where, appropriate, create performing arts knowledge systems to complement library resources. Of particular importance is the development of a framework for the creation and distribution of research and scholarly information.


Collaborations between the library domain, performing arts organisations and commercial organisations. There is a need to identify and promote opportunities between creators and handlers of information so as to improve access to and distribution of performing arts information.

Within libraries

Business planning

There is a need for organisations to create business and/or strategic plans that clarify individual purposes, strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities and facilitate possible collective action.


People management

There is a need for identify, classify, package and promote the knowledge of performing arts information professionals and to devise mechanisms for improved utilisation of voluntary assistance.


Systems and standards

There is a need to promote professional standards in organising materials and to develop standards tailored to the management of performing arts information.


Collection management

There is a need to complete or fine-tune collection policies in some organisations, identify overlaps and gaps in performing arts libraries, and, where appropriate, rationalise collection strategies.


Dennis Wolanski Library transfers

There is a need to identify and evaluate holdings, assist some libraries to process transferred material and, where appropriate, relocate materials. There is also a need to publicise the location of materials on the Internet and elsewhere.


Performing arts database

There is a need to review the comprehensiveness of databases and indexes in documenting Australian performing arts history, develop appropriate strategies for plugging gaps and indexing future performances.


Copying and digitisaton

There is a need to consider copying and digitisation programs to facilitate the preservation of and access to performing arts information of high value.


Market research

There is a need to conduct market research of performing arts information users to assist in developing collection management strategies, services and products.


Customer information systems

There is a need to develop customer information systems that capture transactions, workflows and outputs in individual libraries to help streamline reference services in all libraries.


Access to library resources

There is a need to investigate and develop strategies to improve access to material distributed in performing arts libraries.


Specialised products

There is a need to develop specialised products and services for targeted groups such as HSC students.


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