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by Paul Bentley

21 August 2000

National Database of Australian Theatre Practice

The quest for performing arts information standards

United States projects and initiatives

European projects and initiatives

Australian projects and initiatives



New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

One of the first performing arts libraries to develop and apply MARC and other automated cataloguing rules and procedures to describe a range of materials in the Dance Collection, including ephemera such as events, programs and press clippings. The Theatre Collection archival database [as distinct from its main bibliographic database] uses Advanced Revelation, with MARC and non-MARC/automatic MARC conversion entry options, pull down menus, code fields for material type, free text searching, conservation information and reports generated in MS Word [1994 information, based on visit to NYPL]. .

  • Article: Lourdou, Dorothy. The Dance Collection automated book catalog. The LARC Reports, vol 3 issue 3, Fall 1970  

  • Web address: <>.

London Stage Information Bank 1660-1800

A full-text database developed by Ben Ross Schneider Jr . The Index to the London Stage 1660-1880 was published by Southern Illinois University Press in 1979. Schneider’s account of the project, published in 1974, continues to resonate despite the passage of time and dramatic advances in technology. 

  • Schneider, Ben Ross Jr. Travels in computerland; or, Incompatibilities and interfaces: a complete account of the implementation of the London Stage Information Bank. Reading, Mass: Addison-Wesley, 1974.

Thesaurus for the Big Ten Performing Arts Document Inventory
Developed by the Ohio State University Theatre Research Institute [now the Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute] in 1978 to assist collection management and cataloguing efforts of a consortium of Midwestern university libraries. Its availability, value and status is unknown at this stage.

  • Golding, Alfred S, A Thesaurus for the Big Ten Performing Arts Document Inventory Project. Columbus: Ohio State University, 1978.

  • Web address: <>

International Bibliography of Theatre

Developed at the Theatre Research Data Centre, Brooklyn College, City University of New York with the cooperation and support of the American Society of Theatre Research and SIBMAS and the financial backing from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Rockefeller Foundation and Brooklyn College. The 1997 edition of 750 pages has 4400 classed entries, 30,000 subject references and 6000 geo-chronological references. Likely to be of peripheral interest to the project because of its bibliographic orientation, but may have relevance if the project intends retrieving information on subjects other than events, people and organisations.

  • Web address: <>

The London Stage 1800-1900
Research program managed by Professor Joseph Donohue, Department of English, University of Massachusetts, who maintains a database using Revelation and seeks to coordinate research, share information and ‘recommend consistent methods and terminology’. The long term aim is to produce a daily calendar of performances on the nineteenth century stage detailing production information for every theatre, music hall and other places of entertainment through a series of discrete projects: a census of archives; a checklist of newspapers and periodicals; a bibliography of the drama; a dictionary of theatrical biography; a directory of London theatres; a catalogue of iconography; and a calendar of performances.

  • Web address: <http://www, Contact:]

Dance Coalition Network

Provides full-text finding aids to collections held by DHC members, links to library catalogues and databases, performing arts cataloguing guidelines, preservation resources and other information. Members include the Library of Congress, New York Public Library's Dance Collection and San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum.

  • Web address: <>

Coalition of Networked Information

A partnership of the Association of Research Libraries and Educause [an association of university computer centres] in the United States. Founded in 1990 to realise the promise of high-performance networks and computers for the advancement of scholarship and the enrichment of intellectual productivity. Has been involved in research on description and metadata requirements for the development of  networked information discovery and retrieval in the arts and humanities as well as other subject areas. Helped found the National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage [NINCH], which works to bring more humanities content and information services to the Internet.

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