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by Paul Bentley

21 August 2000

National Database of Australian Theatre Practice

The quest for performing arts information standards

United States projects and initiatives

European projects and initiatives

Australian projects and initiatives



German Theatre Museum.

The Deutsches Theatermuseum’s TANDEM system, developed by Dr Hermann Huesmann in the mid-1980s, comprises six relational databases: a search-title file [TESU], a work title file [TEWE], a work catalogue file [TEKA], production data [TEDI], roles [TERO] and objects [TEDO]. When it was developed, it received international attention, particularly in Europe, where it was intended to document European as well as German theatre. Our impression is that it failed to achieve this objective and, according to Schild, at the SIBAMS conference in 1994, the concept and associated technology was under review.

  • Edwards, Christopher and Herbert, Ian. Computer databases for the performing arts: TANDEM and International Bibliography of Theatre. Theatre Notebook, Vol 39, no 3  1985: 149-152

Other theatre database and bibliographic projects

Schild, in her 1994 conference paper Considerations for developing an electronic theatre information system, lists the following German language projects: THEADOC database and annual of Austrian theatre productions [Vienna University Computer Centre]; Burgtheater seasons [Vienna Burgtheater]; Berlin theatre productions 1933-1945 [Free University of Berlin Theatre Research Institute]; Vienna Theatre Museum Catalogue of holdings; Erlingen University theatre research database; Cologne University Theatre Research Collection catalogue; and the Berlin Centre for Theatre Information and Documentation database of production documentation.    

  • Schild, Margret. Considerations for developing an electronic theatre information system. Paper presented at SIBMAS Conference, 1994. <>

  • See also: Kolganova, A. The electronic database in Russian drama: creation and use. at the SIBMAS Conference in 1996, <http://www.theatrelibrary/sibmas/congresses/sibmas96/hels14.

Music Libraries Online

An eLIB project that aims to create a virtual union catalogue for music in the UK, using the Z39.50 protocol. While music is peripheral to the scope of the ATDP, Hogg’s paper may provide ideas for organising primary and secondary partners and insights on semantic and syntax issues faced by libraries in making available information on collections and items in a complex subject. The libraries involved are the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, the Welsh College of Music and Drama, the Royal Academy of Music and Drama and other conservatoria. 

  • Hogg, Katharine. Music Libraries Online – a virtual union catalogue for music. Vine 114: 43-49

Arts and Humanities Data Service
A national service funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee of the UK’s Higher Education Funding Councils to collect, describe and preserve the electronic resources which result from research and teaching in the humanities. Consists of service providers in archaeology, history, literary, linguistic and other textural studies, the visual arts and the performing arts. Has developed print and electronic best practice and resource guides. Documentation standards and controlled vocabularies specifically for the Performing Arts Data Service [PADS} appear to be still under development. PADS notes the wide range of subject communities involved and intends adopting a minimum core documentation standard with additions appropriate to its subject communities. The PADS systems architecture is Z39.50 enabled and combines an information management system based on a central object-oriented HyperWave database linked to SGI's MediaBase for real-time streaming of audio and video.

  • Beagrie Neil and Greenstein, Daniel, editors. Managing digital collections: AHDS policies, standards and practices. Preliminary consultation draft. Dec 1998. <htttp://>

  • Boehm, Carola. A short description of the system at the Performing Arts Data Service, University of Glasgow, March 1999.

  • Greenstein, David. The Arts and Humanities Data Service three years’ on. D-Lib Magazine December 1998. <>

  • Miller, Paul and Greenstein, Daniel, editors. Discovering online resources across the humanities: a practical implementation of the Dublin Core. Bath: HUOLB, University of Bath, 1997.

  • Web address: Arts and Humanities Data Service <>.  Performing Arts Data Service <>

UK Office of Library and Networking Information
A paper on eLib standards by Lorcan Dempsey and others is available from the  website at  We recommend this be downloaded as a supplementary source to this report. The former Director, Lorcan Dempsey has recently left the organisation to take up an appointment as Executive Director of a new project, the Distributed National Electronic Network. The current acting director of UKOLN is Rachel Heery at

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