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Australian motion picture yearbook, 1980- Melbourne, Cinema Papers. An annual survey of the Australian film industry. Contains feature articles, details about films and awards, and reference and directory sections. The 1983 yearbook contains a feature film checklist 1970-1982.

Baxter, J. The Australian cinema. Sydney, Pacific Books, 1970. 118 p., A brief history of the Australian film industry. The final three chapters deal with Australian filmmaking in the late 1960s and offer predictions for the 1970s.

Bertrand, I W. Film censorship in Australia. St Lucia, Q., University of Queensland Press, 1978. 227p, illus. Traces the history of various censorship authorities and shows the pressures and changing attitudes that influenced the course of film censorship over the years.

Bertrand, I.W. and Collins, D. Government and film in Australia. Sydney, Currency Press Carlton South, Vic., Australian Film Institute, 1981. 200 p., illus. A history of the relationship 'between the Australian government and filmmakers, from the recognition of a distinct Australian cinema in the 1920s up to tile funding of films in the 1970s.

Brand, S. Picture palaces and flea-pits: eighty years of Australians at the pictures. Sydney, Dreamweaver Books, 1983. 271p, illus. "A celebration of the days when a visit to the pictures was the event of the week", covering film distribution history and audience habits, 1900-1960, before the advent of television

Edmondson, R. and Pike, A. Australia's lost films: the loss and rescue of Australia’s silent cinema. Canberra, National Library of Australia, 1982. 96 p., illus. An account of the loss of four-fifths of Australia’s 250 feature films from 1906 to 1930 from an historical and aesthetic point of view. Has excellent stills and a complete checklist.

Hall, K G. Australian film, the inside story. Sydney, Summit Books, 1980. 192 p., illus. A personal account of the Australian film industry by one of Australia's most respected film directors. Spans the years 1910-1980. Illustrated with stills and photographs from Hall's Cinesound features and newsreels. This book is a revised and enlarged edition of Directed by Ken G.Hall, published by Lansdowne Press in 1977

Lansell, R and Beilby, P., eds. The documentary film in Australia. North Melbourne, Cinema Papers in association with Film Victoria, 1982. 205 p., illus. A comprehensive survey by 50 researchers, authors and filmmakers examining the evolution of documentary film-makirig in Australia up to the present day. Also includes a directory of producer a.-id directors, organisations and sources of information.

Long, J. and Long, M. The pictures that moved: a picture history of the Australian cinema 1896-1929, with scripts of the films The pictures that moved and The passionate industry. Richmond, Vic., Hutchinson, 1982. 184 p., illus. A pictorial history of Australian silent films exploring all aspects of the industry. Shows the effect on the industry of the vast flood of American films at the end of the silent era.

Murray, S and Beilby, P. , eds. The new Australian cinema. West Melbourne, Nelson, 1980. 207 P., illus. A thematic survey of the Australian film renaissance in the 1970s, when over 150 feature films were made.

Pike, A F and Cooper, R. Australian film, 1900-19'77: a guide to feature film production. Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1980. 448p, illus. A checklist of Australian feature films with a synopsis, credits, and commentary on each film. Divided into 7 periods with an introduction to each section

Reade, E. The Australian screen: a pictorial history of Australian filmmaking. Melbourne, Lansdowne Press, 1975. 308 p., illus. A comprehensive history of Australian film-making combining and updating two earlier works by Erie Reade, Australian silent films and The talkies era.  Well illustrated with a chronological listing of feature films.

Reade, E. History and heartburn: the saga of Australian film, 1896-1978. Sydney, Harper & Row, 1979. 353 p, illus. A comprehensive history of Australian films, with over half the book devoted to the new wave of the 1970s.

Shirley, G. and Adams, B. Australian cinema: the first eighty years. Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1983. 325 p., illus. Documents the social, financial and political aspects of Australian cinema up to 1975. Includes bibliography.

Smyth, M. The economics of' the Australian film industry. Bundoora, Vic.: Centre for the Study of Education Communication and Media, La Trobe- University, 1980. 22p.. (Media Centre paper, no.13). A condensed version of the author's MCom thesis in which he examines the structure of the industry, its market conduct, economic models, performance and practice.

Stratton, D. The last new wave: the Australian film revival. Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1980. 337 p., illus. A highly detailed account of Australian films produced during the 1970s. Largely based on interviews with leading Australian directors. Includes full credits and synopses of around 120 films.

Thorne, R. Cinemas of Australia via USA. Sydney, Architecture Dept., University of Sydney, 1981. 388 p., illus. A scholarly history of motion picture theatre, architecture in Australia. Contains the history, photographs and plans of over 150 cinemas arranged in alphabetical order.

Thorne, R. Picture palace architecture in Australia and New Zealand. South Melbourne, Sun Books, 1976. 27 p., illus. Looks at the development of architectural design and interior decoration of Australasian picture palaces up to the second World War.

Tulloch, J. Australian cinema: industry, narrative and meaning. Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1982. 272 p., illus. An historical study of film in Australia during the silent and early sound period. Documents the struggle for an Australian national cinema from within the Hollywood empire.

Tulloch, J. Legends of the screen: the Australian narrative cinema 1919-1929. Sydney, Currency Press; Carlton South, Vic., Australian Film Institute, 1981. 448 p., illus. A critical history of Australian silent feature films, including the professional, economic and social.



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