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Sydney Opera House: an annotated list of sources & services



Art in Australia, Vol 11, no-3, Jan/Mar 1974. A special issue on the architecture and art collection of the Sydney Opera House including John Coburn Curtain of the Sun and Curtain of the Moon, Loudon Sainthill costume and set designs, Donald Friend Bennelong series.  

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Duek-Cohen, Elias. Utzon’s opera house: the unfulfilled dream: unpublished article intended as submission to Bob Carr and Peter Collins, March 1996.

Filmer, Andrew. The Sydney Opera House: design, history and theatrical haunting. In Patronage, spectacle, and the stage, edited by Irene Eynat-Confino and Eva Sormova. Prague: Theatre Institute, 2006 (pages132-141).

Flyvbjerg, Bent. Design by deception: the politics of megaproject approval. Harvard Design Magazine, Spring/Summer 2005 (pages 50-59). Compares approvals and cost estimates for the Sydney Opera House with the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, among other projects, to argue that large projects best succeed in designing a fantasy world of underestimated costs, overestimated revenues, overvalued local development effects and underestimated environmental impacts.

Gardiner, Stephen. Utzon still unhappy about the Opera House. The Bulletin, 8 August 1978:39-40.

Hoad, Brian. The Opera house’s forgotten few. The Bulletin, 1 Sep 1973:42-43..

Hubble, Ava. An interview with the architect of the Sydney Opera House, Jørn Utzon. Sydney Opera House monthly diary magazine June 1978:1-7. Includes reference to Utzon museum.

Myers, Peter. Une histoire inachevée. [with translation]. L’Architecture d’Aujourf’hui no 285, 1992

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Zunz, Jack. The Sydney Opera House crisis as I see it. Ove Arup & Partners newsletter [citation to be completed]

Zunz, Jack. Sydney revisited. The Arup Journal, vol 23 no 1 Spring 1988:2-11




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