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1 February 2000














The Wolanski Foundation Website launched


The Wolanski Foundation website was officially launched today by the Foundation's Chairman, Mr Phillip Wolanski.

Mr Wolanski said he established the foundation in October 1998 to commemorate and carry on the philanthropic work of his father, Dennis Wolanski, who provided encouragement and financial support to the Dennis Wolanski Library of the Performing Arts at the Sydney Opera House between 1973 and 1992.

"When the Sydney Opera House Trust closed the library and dispersed its collections in 1997, I canvassed options for continuing my family's support for the performing arts, building on the work of the past twenty five years. A report, Acting on a New Stage, prepared by Paul Bentley, helped me assess needs and directions.

"The website is the window to the Foundation. It includes information on performing arts resources in Australia and overseas, provides guidance on locating performing arts resources for the classroom and offers advice to organisations on preserving their business and cultural records. Information is also provided on the location of material retained by the Sydney Opera House or transferred to other organisations.

"Although you will find useful information on the site, we recognise that the real value of the Foundation lies in the work it stimulates and the support it provides to performing arts organisations, libraries and museums.

"The goals of the foundation are

  •  to facilitate management, presentation and appreciation of the performing arts;

  •  to stimulate improved management of performing arts information through research initiatives;

  •  to connect people to information resources, systems and networks through a web site, educational products and other publications;

  •  to support performing arts organisations, libraries, archives and museums through grants, consultancies and other forms of assistance."

For further information contact the Foundation's director, Paul Bentley, on (02) 9387 7307 Mobile 0416 121 347 Fax (02) 9346 4259. E-mail

Issued: 1 February 2000


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