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Sydney Opera House: an annotated list of sources


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Arup, Sir Ove and Zunz, Jack. Sydney Opera House: a paper on its design and construction. Sydney Opera House Reprint Series no 1. Sydney: Sydney Opera House Trust, 1988  Published In conjunction with the Trust's Bicentennial exhibition, The Building of the Century.

Drew, Philip. The masterpiece: Jørn Utzon, a secret life.  South Yarra: Hardie Grant, 1999. Biography of the architect. Includes list of Sydney Opera House architectural staff and Utzon works and projects, 1944-1998.

Drew, Phillip. Sydney Opera House. London: Phaidon, 1995. Architecture in Detail series.

Drew, Philip. Utzon and the Sydney Opera House; as it happened 1918-2000. Sydney: Inspire Press, 2000. Chronology of the principal architect and building, with information on costs, other personnel, changes to the building and events. See further details and author's book launch speech.

Fromonot, Francoise. Jorn Utzon: the Sydney Opera House / translated from the French by Christopher Thompson.  Corte Madera, CA: Electra/Gingko, 1998

Lawson, Sylvia. The outside story: a novel. South Yarra, Vic: Hardie Grant, 2003. "A powerful and witty intellectual mystery that tracks the ambitions, politics and passion of a city. It is also a consummate meditation on a city's and a country's becoming".

Mikami, Yuzo. Utzon's sphere: Sydney Opera House - how it was designed and built.  Photographs by Osamu Murai. Tokyo, Shokokusha, 2001. See also review of book by Paul Bentley.

Nobis, Philip. Utzon’s interiors for the Sydney Opera House.: the design development of the major and minor hall 1958-1966.  A dissertation for the University of Technology, Sydney, 1994. For further information:  

Sydney Opera House in its harbour setting: nomination of Sydney Opera House in its harbour setting for inscription on the World heritage List by the Government of Australia 1994 / jointly prepared by the Commonwealth Department of the Environment, Sports and Territories and the NSW Department of Urban Affairs and Planning. [Glebe, NW]: Historic Houses Trust of NSW for the Commonwealth Department of the Environment, Sports and Territories and the NSW Department of Urban Affairs, 1996. 

Sydney Opera House Trust. Annual reports. Track the performance of the House from 1961.  

Sydney Opera House Trust. Venue improvement plan. Sydney: Sydney Opera House Trust, 2002

Sykes, Jill. Sydney Opera House from the outside in. Sydney: Sydney Opera House Trust in association with Playbill, 1994.

Utzon, Jørn. Descriptive narrative: Sydney Opera House, January 1965. Describes the conception of the building and intentions for the exteriors, glass walls, patrons’ access foyers, auditoriums, administrative spaces and services.

Utzon, Jørn. Sydney Opera House Utzon design principles. Sydney: Sydney Opera House Trust, 2002.

Weston, Richard.  Utzon: Inspiration, Vision, Architecture. Hellerupis: Edition Bløndal, 2002.

Yeomans, John.  The other Taj Mahal. Camberwell: Longman, 1973.  Traces the history, the political dramas and technical aspects of the Opera House story up to 1973



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