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A national resource. - Spence, Brisbane


A necessary part of every great theatre of the world. - Glass, Masada College, NSW


Impeccable; sets new standards! - Booker, Atlanta


This library is unique, comfortable and rich in atmosphere, Of great assistance. Thank you. - Ramage, Eastlakes


An incredible resource centre.- Raine, Canada


The most wonderful library I've ever been to. Keep up the great work! - Steel, England


Killing time before a matinee, Would love to come again to research design of the House. - Boehm, Penrith


Production information. Very helpful & pleasant staff. A credit to the Opera House. - Butterfield, Wollongong


Superb library. - Gannon, Sydney


Excellent information. I wish I had had such comprehensive resources available while studying. - Blincow, England


Theatre arts resources. I'd die for your collection! - Wolf, San Francisco


Your research facilities are a great help. Thanks to the ever-helpful staff.  Excellent service. The best. - Spartalis, University of New South Wales


This place is fantastic. A most amazing collection - Lou, San Francisco


Research on a libretto. Always has what is wanted. Thank you Mr Wolanski. - McKenzie, Brighton Le Sands


Wonderful review for aboriginal theatre. Great help. Thank you.- Newell, University of New South Wales.


Have found this service to be invaluable as access to theatre notes is almost non-existent. Some of my theatre students may be writing soon. Keep up the great work. Jones, Launceston.


Drama student seeking knowledge. A treasure! - Johnstone, Hawthorn


Information on past plays. I shall return many times. Thrilled to discover this library. - Orchard, Sydney.

The disappearance of the Dennis Wolanski Library of the Performing Arts, established in 1973...has been a loss for not only those interested in the arts, but also ironically, for those interested in the Opera House itself. - Geraldine O'Brien, in The Sydney Magazine, September 2003

In 1996 the annual report of the Sydney Opera House Trust noted the importance of the Dennis Wolanski Library. The 1997 report noted its closure and the dispersal of its contents. In 1993 it was the Dennis Wolanski Library that made it possible for a stranger to the Opera House to research and write the first edition of this conservation plan in a relatively brief time and at reasonable cost. In any long term organisation, management, staff, consultants and contractors change. The major impediment to the full understanding of a place of the complexity of the Sydney Opera House is the loss of collective memory. If people no longer have access to what was done and why it was done, decisions on development and conservation may be primarily guided by short-lived aesthetic and operational fashions—to the detriment of the place. - Dr James Semple Kerr, A Plan for the Conservation of the Sydney Opera House and Its Site. 3rd edition. (Sydney: SOHT, 2003)



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